Kiama Covid Vaccines and Vaccine info

Kiama Covid Vaccines and Vaccine info

Kiama Covid Vaccine Info

This page helps answer all vaccine questions including booking vaccines. We have the latest Jan 2024 vaccines in stock!
Please note Pfizer can only be booked online, on this page only.


Which vaccine? How do I book the vaccine?
What are the risks? Where is the best info?

Which vaccine? How do I book?

New Omicron Boosters in 2024:

  • We now have the latest Pfizer vaccine for Jan 2024.
    Updated government advice for 2024 boosters are still pending. Please read the below about Boosters in 2023.
    If you were due for a Covid vaccine in 2023, but didn’t get it yet, you can get it now.

2nd Covid Boosters in 2023:

1st Covid Boosters in 2023:

Your 2023 Covid vaccine booster can be booked here online:
Book my Pfizer Vaccine

What if I’ve never had a Covid vaccine before?

  1. First most people have: Two Covid vaccines.
    If you have severe immune issues on this list it is Three.

2. First Boosters are 3 months later:

  • for Everyone 16 & over.
  • for 12 to 15 years old if: you have severe immune issues OR disability with significant health conditions OR complex conditions that increase risk of severe Covid. More info here.

How long after having Covid do I get my next Covid vaccine?

Usually you should wait 6 months after having Covid before having your next Covid vaccine.
Please follow the advice above for when you will be due.


What are the side effects?
We have information all about the benefits and risks of Pfizer here
Where can I book it?
If you or your child are 5 years old or over and have Medicare you can book below.
Book my Pfizer Vaccine

What if I can’t use the internet?

Please ask a friend or family member to help you OR to book anywhere in NSW please call 1800 020 080


Click here for the benefits, risks and all the best info we can find for you on Covid vaccines.

Severe Immune issues

To learn which severe immune issues qualify please watch our video below for a careful explanation or read the table below.

The list of severe immune issues is here (Box 1).

The list of medications mentioned in Box 1 is here (Table 2).