Severe Hepatitis in Children

Severe Hepatitis in Children

Severe hepatitis in children happening worldwide with unknown cause?

Yes it’s true, but so far there are only a very tiny number of cases so for now you should be more aware, rather then scared!

🔎 Find out below what you need to look for:

NSW Health on 28th April this year announced:
🤔 Watch for the Signs:
We should be watching for kids under 5yrs old with diarrhoea/nausea who then start to seem to have a yellow colouring to the skin called Jaundice.
This would require emergency care at hospital very urgently.

🤔 How common is it?
Not very! Per NSW Health on 28th April around 169 cases worldwide with none in Australia.

For more info please read the below:
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Remember in an emergency please call 000

Or for non urgent after hours advice consider these phone services by clicking here