Four New Locally trained GPs living in the Kiama area

Four New Locally trained GPs living in the Kiama area

We are very happy to announce the return of local Kiama GP Dr Fiona Manning as well as three new GPs to the Kiama area this month with Dr Juliana Micheles, Dr Emma Foley and Dr Maree Howard. We hope that this huge boost of GPs in the area will help slash waiting times for urgent care in our area for all patients (especially younger and older patient groups).

Dr Fiona Manning and Dr Maree Howard share interests in Paediatrics, Women’s Health and Pregnancy.
Dr Fiona also has substantial extra training in Dietetics and Nutrition medicine.

Dr Emma Foley has interests in Paediatrics, Aged Care, Complex care and Women’s Health.

Dr Juliana Micheles has special interests in Weight Management, Metabolic Health and Urgent and Emergency Care.

We feel very privileged to be working with such extraordinary, caring, thorough and kind family GPs.

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