GP Dr Jodi Osborn

Additional training in Antenatal care, womens health, skin cancer and paediatrics

GP Dr Tom Hilliar

Additional paediatric and mental health training. Interests in dermatology and pregnancy care

GP Dr Rhys Holyoak

Dr Rhys Holyoak has additional training in Mental Health and interests in Skin cancer, Dermatology and Complex care.

Paediatrician Dr Jenny Murtas

Dr Jennifer Murtas is a Paediatrician. She is locally trained with experience in General paediatrics, Complex Health and Neurodiversity.

GP Dr Nicole Power

Additional training and interests in women’s health, paediatrics and emergency care.

GP Dr Alison Crofts

Additional skills in dermatology, women’s health, child health, injuries, palliative and emergency care

Your GPs and Paediatrician

Meet your locally trained GPs and Paediatrician in Kiama Downs. They are great with babies, kids and teens and specialise in pregnancy, skin cancer checks and Women's and Men's health.

Eleven Independent GPs doctors work in Kiama Downs Dr Tom Hilliar, Dr Juliana Michiles, Dr Danielle WardDr Fiona Manning, Dr Maree Howard, Dr Alison Croft, Dr Nicole PowerDr Rhys Holyoak, Dr Emma Foley and Dr Jodi Osborn. To find out more about each please click their profile above and find links to their independent websites.

To learn more about Dr Jennifer (Jenny) Murtas please click this link and find links to her independent website.

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Getting in to see your GP on short notice

Please remember that doctors usually hold 'fit in' appointments on the day for people in need. We don't list these appointments online. This is to allow our reception team to help fit you in over the phone if you require urgent care. Please give us a call if you need to see someone and you feel your concern shouldn't wait.

Tip: At 8am, call us on 42377502 and if possible also go to and click 'Book' to try to get to our 'fit in appointments' before everyone else does!

Additional speciality training

Paediatrics - babies, kids and teens
Doctors in Kiama Downs have additional paediatric training. Dr Tom Hilliar, Dr Nicole Power and Dr Danielle Ward also have Paediatric and/or Child Health Diplomas from the University of Sydney. They are great with babies, kids and teens. They can help with concerns from baby's feeding and sleeping through to teens with physical and mental health concerns. All blue book checks for kids and vaccine appointments are bulk billed and are 30 minutes long. Your doctor has 15 minutes set aside just to check over your child properly and to ask you about any concerns you have.

Women's health, pregnancy and contraception
Dr Danielle Ward, Dr Nicole Power and Dr Tom Hilliar have all undertaken additional training in women's health and family planning. Doctors in Kiama Downs can also insert Implanon devices for contraception.

Skin cancer care and skin checks
Dr Juliana Michiles, Dr Jodi Osborn and Dr Tom Hilliar all have additional training in Skin cancer care. Dr Andrew and Dr Jodi have both completed additional Skin Cancer training courses and diplomas.

Mental health
All GPs at Kiama Downs have undertaken additional training in Mental Health. For more information and bookings please click here.

Our nurses

Claire, Fran, Megan and Jenny are our practice nurses and are there to help you with travel vaccinations, general vaccinations, dressings, INR testing and also assists us with a wide variety of procedures including helping fix skin injuries such as tears, cuts and lacerations and also with skin cancer removals. Our nursing team also help with plastering for fractures and injuries.

Our reception and admin team

Rachel our practice manager, and our reception team with Rebecca & Brianna can help you with everything from booking your preferred appointment times to arranging pathology home visits. They can also help you with arranging pathology home visits, booking medical imaging appointments and even specialist appointments. To arrange a home visit, nursing home visit or if you ever have any questions please call our team on (02) 4237 7502 or email us on our contact page.

To find out more about our travel clinic and other services visit our services page.