The Abortion Clinic running in Kiama covers the following areas

The Kiama Termination or Kiama Abortion Clinic covers Wollongong Abortion, Wollongong Termination, Shellharbour, Kiama, Nowra Abortion and Nowra Terminations, Shellharbour Terminations and Shellharbour Abortions.

Who provides me with care?

This is provided by any GP in Kiama Downs. GPs in Kiama Downs and nurses at Kiama Downs share the belief that all women have a right to affordable and safe care for unwanted pregnancy.

Each of the GPs listed below has been very highly trained in Medical Abortion, unwanted pregnancy and termination care in Kiama and Wollongong. Our reception team and nurses have also been trained in helping you in your journey. Many of the GPs have trained in a specialised program run through Monash University in Melbourne which helps them to deliver expert, sensitive care for you in your journey.

The GPs in Kiama Downs have a special arrangement with local radiology companies to get you urgent priority ultrasound scans where possible to make this is comfortable and calm as possible for you.

They have undertaken additional training using medications according to NSW and Australian laws and medical guidelines to help provide Abortions in Wollongong and in the Kiama area.

Where can I get professional advice?

1. See a GP in Kiama Downs (if you are considering medications for abortion or termination legally in NSW this must be before 9 weeks or 63 days gestation*):
a) book online here and choose a ‘pregnancy’ or ‘new’ appointment type with any GP (but particularly Dr Nicole Power, Dr Dani Ward, Dr Fiona Manning, Dr Tom Hilliar, Dr Rhys Holyoak, Dr Fiona Manning, Dr Emma Foley, Dr Maree Howard and Dr Jodi Osborn who all have particular focus on care in pregnancy choices)
b) if you are before 9 weeks or 63 days but you can’t get a booking with us before the date above online call us on 42377502 in business hours and tell your doctor’s reception team you “need an urgent GP or Nurse appointment about pregnancy choices”. If we cannot help fast enough please call one of the services listed at 3. below.

2. Your appointment:
a) Your GP or Nurse will see you (or talk on the phone with you) for a 30 minute appointment.
b) Initial appointment costs are $60 with a nurse or $89 out of pocket with a GP (total GP fee is $169 & Medicare refunds $80 to you).
c) If you choose to end the pregnancy with medications (and it is safe to do so and you are before 9 weeks or 63 days gestation) you will need at least 2 more appointments with a GP (preferably in person) for between 15 and 30 minutes each. The fees for these are shown here.
d) If you choose to end the pregnancy with a procedure and you are before 22 weeks gestation in NSW you will be referred elsewhere for this.

3. Other options include calling Marie Stopes on 1300 867 104 or Family Planning NSW on 1300 658 886. Patients have reported to us that generally these services usually cost more out of pocket then GPs in Kiama (as of October 2023).
Local surgical options include GCA Wollongong and private specialists who a GP in Kiama Downs can refer you to if you wish.

If you are already over 9 weeks or 63 days gestation you can still talk to a GP or nurse for advice, but medication for an abortion or termination won’t be an option and you will need to be referred to another centre if it is safe and allowed for you to have a surgical abortion or termination.

Is there anything I need to bring to my appointment?

1. If you would like to bring a support person please feel welcome to bring them.

2. If you are coming from a different GP: please show them this list & ask them to arrange these tests and letters and to copy them to your GP at Kiama Downs or to fax them to 4237 7604.
a) Blood & urine tests: quantitative bHCG; FBC; Blood group & Abs; Hep B Surface Antibodies; Hep C Serology; HIV Serology; Syphilis Serology; Rubella Serology; Fe studies; Urine M/C/S
b) Ultrasound:
Dating Pelvic Ultrasound (urgent referral for pregnancy choices at Kiama Downs – tell the ultrasound reception team this when you book it)
c) Letter:
a referral letter from your GP (not mandatory but helps us make this as safe as possible)

What happens at the Nurse or GP appointment?

You will be:

  • provided the information to decide what your pregnancy plan is,
  • provided with support so that you can choose to either end or continue the pregnancy,
  • able to choose to end the pregnancy with medication if your GP feels it is safe and if you are before 9 weeks gestation in NSW which is why seeing us is urgent. You will also require at least 2 more appointments with a GP (preferably in person) after this.
  • able to choose to be referred for a procedure to end the pregnancy if you prefer this, if your GP feels it is safe and if you are before 22 weeks gestation.
  • if it is safe and appropriate your GP will also help you to arrange medications or referrals if you choose to end the pregnancy which will require several more appointments to check in with you during this time.

Where can I find more information?