Kiama Bulk billed Flu shots and Pneumococcal shots and vaccines

Flu vaccines and Covid vaccines are bulk billed and can be booked here.
If you would like to have both on the same day, please book a Flu shot online below and complete both forms.
Flu vaccine clinics are bulk billed for all current and new patients.
We have free and private flu shots available for booking right now. Please click below to book.
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Pneumococcal shots are only for our current patients and can be booked on 02 4237 7502

For information about Covid vaccines please click here.


Flu shots
– who gets them for free?
– are they safe / good for kids?
Pneumococcal shots
– who gets them for free?

Flu shots

The flu vaccines are free for patients in the list at the bottom of this page as well as kids aged from 6 months until they turn 5 years old, pregnant mums and adults 65 years and older.

Please contact our reception team to book a flu shot with our nurse on 4237 7502.
If the government doesn’t supply your vaccine for free we can provide it for you for only $25 on the day.

We follow the national guidelines and support everyone having the influenza vaccine where safe to do so.
Please discuss this with your doctor if you are unsure.

Influenza vaccine for kids – is it worthwhile?

Click here for an in depth article on influenza vaccines

Can I get the free vaccines?

If you are unsure if you are eligible for the free government vaccines, please read the government list below:

Who gets free flu vaccines?

  • All kids in New South Wales aged 6 months old until they turn 5 years old
  • All individuals aged 65 years or older
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people aged 6 months and older
  • Pregnant women.

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People 5 years old and over are still recommended to have the vaccine, but it is only free if they have medical conditions that can lead to severe influenza such as:

  • Heart disease, including cyanotic congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure
  • Long term lung conditions, including Cystic Fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and severe asthma
  • Other chronic illnesses including diabetes mellitus, chronic metabolic diseases, chronic renal impairment, haemoglobinopathies or conditions requiring regular medical follow up or hospitalisation in the previous year
  • Chronic neurological conditions that impact on respiratory function, including multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and seizure disorders
  • Impaired immunity, including HIV, malignancy and chronic steroid use
  • Children aged 6 months to 10 years on long term aspirin therapy.

For the full list of every condition that qualifies you for free flu shots please click here.

Pneumonia vaccinations

The government has new recommendations from July 2020 for pneumococcal vaccinations.
People who are at risk are usually recommended to have a pneumococcal 13 vaccine (prevenar 13) and then one year later a pneumococcal 23 vaccine. Usually another pneumococcal 23 vaccine is recommended later. The only exception is people who are otherwise healthy aged 70 or older who are recommended a single shot of pneumococcal 13 vaccine only.

Who gets free pneumococcal vaccines?

  • All people aged 70 years and older (pneumococcus 13; ‘Prevenar’ only)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people also receive it for free from 50 and over.
  • It is also available for those with previous cases of invasive pneumococcal disease, sickle cell disease, thalassaemia, proven immune deficiency, blood cancers, organ transplants, stem cell transplants, HIV, cochlear implants or those with shunts, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, renal impairment worse than eGFR<15.

If it’s not free should I have the pneumococcal vaccines?

It is not free but is strongly recommended for people with

  • diabetes, kidney disease with eGFR<30, chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • COPD or lung disease or severe asthma
  • heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart failure
  • hepatitis, liver disease, smoking, alcohol at/over 4 standards a day
  • Trisomy 21

This vaccine is available at our practice privately.