Travel Advice at Kiama Downs

Our nurses and GP Registrar Doctors in Kiama Downs provide travel advice services and vaccinations for patients from Kiama, Shellharbour, Shell Cove, Gerringong, Albion Park, Wollongong and Nowra. They provide Yellow Fever vaccines, malaria medications, travel vaccines and travel advice regarding Covid, Rabies, Zika, Dengue and many others.

Vaccinations and Medications

Yellow Fever vaccination can be provided as well as any travel vaccinations you need including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid. Advice and medications are also provided for the prevention of Malaria.

GPs in Kiama Downs are travellers too

As keen travellers GPs in Kiama Downs know that travelling is expensive.
They aim to keep your costs to an absolute minimum and to keep you as safe as possible.
This is achieved by only recommending medications, vaccinations or medical kits if they are absolutely appropriate for your situation.

Going Travelling?

Please tell your GP if you are travelling even if you think ‘it is safe there’ and that your GP might not need to know.
Aside from Covid issues; even Bali, Thailand and numerous other popular destinations have really dangerous medical conditions that can be often easily prevented with a little advice.
If you’re unsure if you need travel advice please call the practice or mention it to your GP next time you are in.
Hundreds of Australians return home each year from countries with preventable illnesses and we would like to make sure that our patients enjoy their trips and stay healthy.

If you would like to review some of the latest information about any country you’re thinking of travelling to please visit the CDC Travellers Health site by clicking here.

How long do Travel appointments take?

To help you stay healthy for your trip your nurse and GP Registrar Doctor need some time to go through your health and trip plans together.
Please make sure you book a double appointment (30 minutes) for your travel consultation.
If you can please try very hard to come in several months before your trip in case vaccines are required. This is because it often takes several doses before you are protected fully.

Your Appointment

On the day, please bring your:
a) travel itinerary, in detail if possible
b) vaccination records*
c) medical history including allergies and medications*
d) your passport if you require yellow fever vaccination

Your GP will likely then go through your itinerary in detail, your whole medical history and also review the latest travel information and alerts regarding your trip and discuss these with you. Our Nursing team also look forward to hearing about your plans and to hearing all about your trip when you get back.

* if you are a new patient, please ask your regular GP to print off your vaccines, health summary sheet and medication list so that we can advise you regarding these issues.
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